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Vantagepoint Funds Discovery at Heart of New Advertising Campaign

May 2, 2018

Vantagepoint Funds, powered by ICMA-RC, has launched a new print and digital advertising campaign to encourage retirement plan consultants and advisors to discover the funds, which recently became available to public and private sector retirement plans in the Defined Contribution Investment-Only (DCIO) market. Vantagepoint Funds have $28.6 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2018. The Vantagepoint Fund lineup incorporates diversification of ideas, strategies, and asset classes, including equity, fixed income, target-date, target-risk, and stable value investment options. 

The ad campaign aims to create greater awareness of Vantagepoint Funds and their multi-managed investment approach. The campaign highlights major discoveries like gravity, electricity and the atom and points out that each did not need to be created, just discovered. Online viewers of the campaign will see that discovery is the point: Vantagepoint Funds were created over 40 years ago but they are newly available to a broader audience.

"The advertising campaign we created for Vantagepoint Funds is intended to resonate with DCIO consultants and advisors who are being introduced to our investments for the first time," said Craig Lombardi, Managing Vice President and Head of DCIO, ICMA-RC.  "We want to make it easier for defined contribution professionals to discover our investments."

The Vantagepoint Funds ads are appearing in selected print publications and online in traditional investment related media outlets beginning in April and running throughout the year. Visit to see the ad creative.

The Vantagepoint Funds advertising campaign is the latest in a series of communications and outreach planned throughout 2018. A digital portal ( was launched earlier this year to provide centralized fund data, current reporting and analytics, comprehensive thought leadership, and other relevant content. 

Vantagepoint Funds, including the Vantagepoint PLUS Fund, are offered to DCIO clients through ICMA-RC Services, LLC (RC Services), an SEC registered broker-dealer and FINRA member firm. RC Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICMA-RC and an affiliate of VantageTrust Company, LLC.

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